• Baobab vase

Clay has been a part of my life since the age of 7. I am drawn to the way it engages body and mind.

When I work with clay I am reminded of the rich history and tradition that has gone before me. I delight in taking this history, bringing it into the present and combining it with the serene and whimsical moments that I observe on my daily excursions into nature. Nature inspires me I am enthralled by the beauty around me, whether it’s walking in the mountains, or on a board in the ocean. My work represents my intimate engagement with this world.

I build my pieces by hand, coiling and pinching the clay as well as using slab moulds for the plates and platters. Hand building, I think adds vitality and charm to the work and gives each piece its own individual , unique character.

My choice of colour, pattern and line drawing evokes emotions in me that I would call domestic nostalgia. Somewhere there is a warm memory of old enamel plates, a Delft vase, a ginger jar high up on the top shelp of a dresser that you can’t reach and you just know there is a secret in there….


My work is available from selected galleries.

Ebony   website@ebonydesign.co.za
Clementina Ceramics Gallery   www.clementina.co.za
Kalk Bay Modern Gallery   www.kalkbaymodern.co.za
Lutge Gallery   www.lutge.co.za
Knysna Fine Art  www.finearts.co.za